Hi. I’m Stacy.

What are your other selves up to? You know, the lives you could have had if you had made different choices. If you had majored in art instead of social work. Or vice versa. Of if you had married your ex-boyfriend. Or if you had applied for that job across the country. Or had kids. Or didn’t have kids. Ever daydream yourself into the dimension where you are living that other life?

The other Stacys are up to all kinds of shenanigans. One of them lives in Sydney, Australia, and her accent is now so crazy strong, I barely understand her anymore. There is one in Boston, but she’s considering moving because she’s sick of 80% of her income going to housing expenses. Some of the Stacys are artsy. Others are ruled by practicality.

But no matter how much you consider the paths you have chosen and the paths you have bypassed, sometimes you still end up on a path and wonder how and why you got there.

That’s me right now.

Age 42 and currently living alone due to marital separation. This surprised me more than it should have, but perhaps it surprises every married person who travels down this twisted path. But An Unexpected Chapter is not about my marriage dissolving or the trauma that goes along with that. I have a counselor and a paper journal for that.

And as weird and awful as this new season in my life may be, I also feel that it is good. It wasn’t good in the beginning. There was nothing but mourning and emotions that felt like hollering into an abyss. But now I’m quiet and I’m listening, and I feel like this time is sacred. It’s a time of growth and evolution. A little part of me is whispering, “Now.” Something is stirring.

This blog is about new beginnings. It’s about finding joy in the small moments, creating a life you love, and pursuing passions. Topically, the focus will be on books, writing, home decor, cooking, wine, coffee, and eventually travel, as these are the things that make me happy. Or it might go somewhere unexpected. I leave that option available.

I hope you will join me, whether your own chapter of life is expected or unexpected.