Five Favorite Things: October

Five Favorite Things: October

It’s spooky season, y’all. My youngest stepdaughter insists that spooky season begins with the school year, but I’m more traditional and consider October 1st to be the official start. I’ll be over here watching Hocus Pocus and wearing all of the fall sweaters (possibly all at the same time if it gets cold before I decide it’s acceptable to turn on the heat).

October is by far my favorite month of the year. There is a practical reason for this: It’s my birthday month. But presents and cake aside, I love the changing leaves, fall flavors, incorporating earthy tones into my wardrobe, and Halloween.

Fall Porch Decor: My outdoor rug and bench cushion have been moved inside for the cold weather months, and I have put out the Halloween decor, mums, and pumpkins.

Apple Season: Some people get really excited about pumpkin spice season; I get really excited about cider mill season. Cider donuts and hot apple cider are the absolute best. But I do have an extra goal this month: to recreate my mom’s apple custard pie. She hasn’t made it in years (or at least not when I’ve been around), and I need to learn to make it myself.

Seasonal Cocktails: If you follow Tieghan Gerard of Half-Baked Harvest, you know that every Halloween, she creates new spooky cocktails. Here is her Best Of list. I am definitely trying a couple of these this year. Possibly the Half-Blood Prince and the Golden Snitch.

New TIU fall program. Okay, I know I just said I’m really excited by cocktails and cider donuts right now, and that’s 100% true. But I’m also really excited about my new exercise program.

I’ve been following Tone It Up for about 3 years, and I’m positive I’d be 40 lbs heavier if I didn’t use this app regularly. (Is there a word for when you really like food but you also do burpees several times a week?) TIU is an app, but it’s also an online fitness community, with occasional in-person meet ups for regional groups. Every fall, they have a special program, and this year’s started on Monday.

Upcoming books:

Some great books are coming out this month or else came out in late September. Here are some that I am excited about:

Happy fall!

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