autumn leaf and mums
Image credit: Negative Space

I’m in a season of life where I don’t know quite what I want. In the spring my life turned upside down, and in that upheaval, I was certain of some things I wanted and of some changes I was seeking to make. More recently, there has been a different upheaval, and I do not know what I want. As I write this, I am learning to embrace uncertainty, even though there are fewer things I dislike more than uncertainty.

I may not know what I want, but I do know what I am grateful for. I am grateful to the people in my life and the unconditional grace I have experienced over the last year. I have learned that I have people in my life who show up when I need them and give me their time and their kindness. I am so lucky to have great friends and family.

And to everyone reading this, I hope that your life is full of grace. It’s been a difficult two years for all of us, and we’ve all found we are so much stronger than we ever knew. I wish you joy this holiday season. I hope you find blessings where you least expect them. I hope you experience kindness from others on the days when you are not kind to yourself. You are doing your best, and you are enough.

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