Five Favorite Things: January

Five Favorite Things: January

Resolutions: On New Year’s Day, I shared my primary resolution, which is to read more books on faith and Christianity from authors of color. (Post here.) My second resolution is to focus more on promoting this blog on social media. In the sidebar, you’ll find links to my Twitter, Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

A Lightened Up Menu: I’m not on a diet this January. Over the last couple of years, I have realized how bad my relationship is with food, and how decades of dieting have really warped my self esteem and my thoughts on food. However, after Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, there is an inevitable urge to balance the scales. I’m looking forward to entree salads, vegetarian dinners, and smoothie bowls. This month, I will be sharing both salad and smoothie recipes on the blog. And if I mix some more indulgent meals in there, that’s fine too.

Mocktails: In addition to not dieting this January, I am also not doing dry January. But again in the spirit of balance, I am planning to experiment more with mocktails. I tend to drink more wine than is strictly healthy. I gave up soda several years ago and never really found anything to replace it with in the evenings. I’m fine with guzzling water all day, but once it hits dinner, I want a beverage with actual flavor. This is how I end up opening a bottle of wine more often than is necessary.

Yoga: It’s the time of year where gentle indoor movement is needed. I’m starting the year with the Toned Body, Toned Mind 2.0 program on the Tone It Up app, which combines yoga and meditation in a four-week program.

Hygge: In January, I am all about staying in. I just need a stack of books and a full fridge, and I’m happy to read and cook until it becomes tolerable to go outside again. Candles, throw blankets, and fuzzy socks become necessities. Also this month, I have a post planned on my favorite hygge reads.

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