2022 Father’s Day Gift List

2022 Father’s Day Gift List

Dads are so hard to buy for. Mine likes gardening, naps, fresh loaves of bread, and Christian apocalyptic films starring Kirk Cameron. That’s really about it. Vinyl? Not interested as he owns a perfectly good radio, thank you very much. A new weekend bag for trips? He’s a homebody. Craft beer? Doesn’t drink. Golf clubs? He has no idea why anyone would waste their money on that. (I don’t either, for that matter.) Collectible anything? They collect dust, and my mother wages war on dust.

So, what I’m saying here is that I have ideas for everyone else’s dads, ranging in price from $18 to $250, but I still don’t know what I’m getting mine. Wish me luck.

For the outdoorsy dad:

A portable hammock is a great gift for Dad, whether he is a frequent camper or if he just wants to “rest his eyes” in the backyard.

A pour over coffee set for the dad who doesn’t want to choose between his camping trip and a great cup of coffee.

A portable campfire if your dad loves being outside but was never a Boy Scout.

For the bookish dad:

Do you have a bookish dad who would love a first edition of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road? Try AbeBooks, which is like Etsy for used and rare books. Most rare and used bookstores in the US and beyond list their merchandise on Abe.

For the culinary dad:

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ.  This was one of the biggest cookbooks of 2021, and a grill master dad would love it. I’m linking to Amazon here, but please support an independent bookstore if financially and geographically possible.

If a smoker is on dad’s wish list, this budget friendly smoker from Lowe’s has a 5-star rating.

For the dad you drove to drink:

Smoked cocktails are very trendy right now. If dad appreciates a whiskey drink, he’ll enjoy this cocktail smoker from Uncommon Goods.

For the dad who prefers experiences to tangible items, gift a mixology class, also from Uncommon Goods.

For a music loving dad:

Does dad sing along with any song whether he knows the words or not? Try a gift of mistaken lyrics coasters.

If dad collects vinyl, search Discogs for his favorites.

For a dad who always appreciates a new toy:

For the dad who has everything, he may enjoy a drone.

Last but not least, every suburban backyard needs a game of cornhole.

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